Etnosphere – Zagreb’s New Tourist Attraction Opened Its Door

July 14, 2016

Tourists can learn all about folklore tradition as well as traditional gastronomical specialities at the new Etnosphere…

Etnosphere tourist programme will be regularly held in “Hrvatska kuća” (Croatian house) that is furnished as a peasant house dating to the late 19th and early 20th century in Zagreb. Visitors will experience a pleasant folklore evening enjoying the most beautiful dances, songs and music from the rich heritage of Zagreb and its surrounding area.

“The gastronomic experience includes traditional meals prepared following the recipes from our grandmothers’ cookbooks, as well as presentation of some traditional customs and crafts included in the programme guarantee an unforgettable event that is sure to remain in your memory as a vivid reminder of your visit to Zagreb,” organisers say.

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The Etnosphere show, which is 2 hours long, will continue outside of the main tourist season and will also soon hit the road. It is a tourist story which tells the story about traditions and identity.

“Zagreb for a number of years has recorded double-digit growth in tourism and this programme is designed for them so that they can get to know our customs. Because of the large interest from tourist agencies in this programme, we will soon hold the Etnosphere show in Dubrovnik,” said Etnosphere founder Nikica Maul.

Programe presentation was held yesterday for representatives of main tour operators and representatives of tourism industry in Croatia.


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